Buttermilk Honeycombs


Everyone loves the Buttermilk Soap, and the Honey Soap. So it just made sense to me.

This soap is creamy, luxurious and very moisturizing.

A unique oval bar with a texture resembling honeycombs. The texture feels great and massages as you rub your skin.

Each bar weighs between 4-5 ounces.

Reviews (5)


Second time ordering. Love it

I already ordered this again. I need more so soon because my kids use so much. They love the smell so they lather up several times. Lol It smells amazing.

This soap smells so wonderful! Great packaging and super-quick shipping

Lovely fragranced soap, it lathered nicely and left my skin feeling fresh and soft. I didn't feel the need to slather on heavy lotion after my shower as I usually do. The cocoa butter cashmere fragrance smells kind of chocolatey and almost good enough to eat! The sample of banana honey of the same soap that I received smells really wonderful and I will be trying it soon. I received my lovely package very promptly, and look forward to future purchases. A wonderful seller, I highly recommend Becky!

I received a sample of this soap and immediately had to have it! If you want to smell like an elven princess this is the soap for you. The scent is natural and it makes a quick shower in the morning before work luxurious. Arrived very quickly with lots of samples!