Oatmeal Soap


This soothing oatmeal soap is Vegan-Friendly, using no animal products.

Made from Palm Oil from farms in the Roundtable for sustainability, along with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, and Virgin Olive Oil make this soap a perfectly moisturizing, sudsy soap.

I add oatmeal for skin-calming cleansing. Don't be afraid of the brown spots. Its either oatmeal or a botanical leaf/petal. Both are good for you.

Chamomile: contains dried chamomile flowers. You can see the flowers in the soap. They add calming and medicinal properties which your skin will appreciate. A light chamomile fragrance may make this your new favorite!

Lemon Verbena: contains dried lemon verbena leaves for healing and soothing. A Lemon Verbena fragrance will remind you of a simpler era.

Lavender: contains a bit of dried lavender, plus some grated lavender soap for color. Lavender Essential Oil scents this soap and adds the natural calming and healing from this beautiful and useful plant.

Each bar weighs between 4 and 5 ounces. They measure a bit over 3"x2"x1".

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My favorite! Leaves my skin soft and moisturized.