Baby Honey Soap


This gentle soap is designed for baby's delicate skin. But every member of the family will enjoy this bar.

Dried lavender, calendula and chamomile are infused into Virgin Olive Oil for healing and moisturizing. Shea Butter, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, and Castor Oil make this a perfect soap for gentle cleaning.

Adding honey to this soap enhances the lather, for creamy, silky-smooth feeling skin.

A cute baby stamp and a honeycomb textured top are so cute and will entertain young children.

Lightly scented with lavender essential oil, and a pure honey fragrance oil.

Each bar weighs between 4-5 ounces. Measures roughly 3"x3"x1", with a textured top.

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The scent of this soap is great for the little ones! My younger sister had lots of breakouts from using regular harsh soaps, but after purchasing this product, she had less and less after each use! Her skin has become softer and cleaner! Thank you for the samples!