Recycle Rebatch Soap Eco Friendly Vegan Friendly


What happens to all those crumbles, end pieces, flubbed batches, and odd sized bars of soap?

This is what happens: I chop, slice, grate, or shread them up and add them back into a new batch of soap. It's Recycled and Rebatched.

It uses all those wonderful bits and pieces, and allows me a little creative outlet.

The lavender is made with purple and lavender bits. The Lemongrass is all yellows & greens. Aloe is green and pastels. And so on....

All are vegan-friendly made with Palm Oil, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, and Virgin Olive Oil. Each bar is unique, fun and eco-friendly. I have no soap industrial waste. It all gets used, and what others might throw into landfill....I create healthy, beautiful, useful, artistic, moisturizing soap.

See pictures for individual styles. Keep an eye on this listing for constant updates, and new scents/styles.

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Thank you for all the free samples and for the nice size sample brambleberry bar I asked for ­čśŐ shipping is always super fast too and I appreciate that !

Wonderful products! Love this soap!! Thank you!!