Volumizing Shampoo Bar for fine or oily hair


This is the shampoo bar you've been dreaming about. Its clean, sudsy, gives great volume and smells fantastic! Works wonders for thin, fine in oily hair. But can work on all hair types.

A true "head to toe" bar. This is all you need.

Think of a shampoo bar as a huge bottle of shampoo, with all the water taken out. This is the concentrated shampoo, but instead of detergent, its a natural soap. So its good for your hair, skin and scalp!

Directions: Wet hair. Wet the soap bar between your hands and rub to create lather. Put the lather on your hair and rub. You won't need as much as you think. A little goes a long way. Rinse completely. You decide if you want to use conditioner. If you previously used a leave-in condioner, or texturing spray you won't need it any more.

Natural shampoos give your hair texture. This one will give lots of volume too. The clay in the bar serves two purposes. It helps to absorb excess oil on the scalp. Plus it helps the hair roots to stand up, thus giving a bouncy, full look.

Cabernet & Neroli is a heavenly, fresh scent

Natural shampoos don't over strip your hair. There is a clean, but different feeling. If you feel like it weighs your hair down too much, you might need to rinse more. Or try an apple cider vinegar & water rinse after shampooing.

A great way to get naturally clean, shiny, bouncy hair without plastic bottles and detergents. No sulfates, or animal products.

My first shampoo bar from this company! Lathers well, smells great, and leaves my hair looking healthy af. I started with a shampoo bar from Lush, transitioned to another Etsy brand, then found this one! Had to do an ACV rinse with the other one, but now my hair has adjusted. I have thin, oily hair, so this is perfect. Also, my dry time is cut in half! Very happy with the product (and it shipped quickly with minimal packaging!)

I love this! Have been using it for about a week now and my hair feels clean without the normal buildup I get from other shampoos. My hair is very thin, fine, and limp and most shampoos weigh it down and it gets oily looking the next day if not the same day. The smell is nice but I may try the coffee and orange scented one next. Thank you for a great product and fast shipping!

I love this shampoo bar! It’s smells amazing! Works great. Hair feels clean after.

I've only used it twice, but it seems to be doing a great job! It's sudsy but doesn't seem to dry out my hair