Civil War Soap USA CSA


I'm the Civil War "Soap Lady". So, of course I have Federal Issue Soap for Yankees. And Confederate Soap for the Johnnie Rebs.

This Vegan-friendly soap is homemade in my kitchen, using wholesome ingredients. Its cured at least 4 weeks for Mildness. Natural Soap is the best thing you can do for your skin. Each bar weighs between 4-5 oz, and measures 3"x2"x1". Embossed with USA or CSA.

The USA Soap is scented like brave Yankees in Cedar & Leather.

The CSA version is spicing it up in Scotch Whiskey.

Both are masculine scents, that also appeal to the ladies. Sure to be a hit for your Civil War loving friends, living history buffs, and anyone who likes natural soap. Makes a great gift too.

But be careful! Don't put them in the same soap dish. They might start a war between the states again.

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Gives a nice touch of history to the restroom

Came quickly. Was for my Dads b day who is a civil war reactor, got 2 mini bars as a extra. All three bars smelt great !