Wake up with COFFEE SHAMPOO Natural Soap Shampoo Bar Coffee Orange scent Volumizing Thin Fine Oily Hair


My customers have the best suggestions. Make a Coffee Shampoo bar and scent it with orange. And here it is!

Now you can wake up your limp, fine , oily hair with your morning Coffee Shampoo.

Can be used head-to-toe. Caffeine wakes up your hair follicles, Rhassoul Clay for Volume and to absorb excess oils. Simple wholesome ingredients for a natural clean.

Try it for yourself and see what natural soap does for your hair and skin.

Reviews (8)


Timely shipping! I was excited to try this business shampoo bar and since I am a huge coffee lover I wanted a stronger coffee smell then what was presented. However, if you don't want to smell like coffee, this bar is perfect in the scent. The bar has lasted over a month so I like that; I have approximately 1/4 of the bar left. I do find this was drying out my hair and leaving a residue- I wash my hair everyday so perhaps those issues are my hair related.

I usually use OGX's Biotin and Collagen shampoo, no conditioner. I was looking for something that didn't have as much plastic to dispose of that made my hair feel as good, and this stuff delivers. My hair is so fine and shiny that it tends to lay flat against my head, but this stuff actually makes it fluffy without sacrificing the softness or the shine. My hair has never been fluffy before! I also adore the smell. It makes the bathroom smell like a fancy coffee shop. I fully intend to be a repeat customer!

I love it! Smells great! It's always a pleasure shopping here!

This shampoo has a nice, light scent to it. I am looking forward to using is as I have very fine hair. Quick shipping and would not hesitate to shop here again. Lovely products.