Cowboy Coffee Soap


Good, old-fashioned soap is good for your skin. It'll get you clean, scrub up dirty hands, but leave your skin soft and silky.

I brew the coffee "Cowboy" style in an old enamel coffee pot on the stove. Variations in coffee strength account for the variations in color from batch to batch. The stronger the coffee, the darker the bar.

I first made this soap for my American Civil War reenacting friends. They love it because it gets the gun powder off their hands. Mechanics, electricians, gardeners, painters, dirty kids? You need this soap.

Coffee is naturally deodorizing, so great to keep a bar in the kitchen for cleaning up after chopping onions, garlic or handling fish.

Caffeine helps to wake up your skin and improve circulation.

Each bar measures 3 1/4" x 2 1/4"x 1", and weighs between 4 to 5 oz. *See separate listing for a "Husky Sized" version.

Two scents to chose from: unscented or orange. From time to time, I may add seasonal scents.