Dirty Dog, Shampoo Bar, Pet Shampoo


Gentle, natural soap for your pet. Dogs, cats, and other "fur babies" will love this natural soap. So good for their skin, and gently cleans, for a soft, fluffy coat.

Made with wholesome, natural ingredients and herbal essential oil for a sweet-fresh-herbal scent. The Pine Tar option contains natural Pine Tar for a medicated bar. Great for skin issues. That one has no added scent other than the natural "piney" scent.

Essential oils are very healing. Several scent options.

Each bar weighs beteen 4-5 oz, and measures 3 1/2: x 2 1/2" x 1".

Cute "Dirty Dog" and paw print makes this an adorable gift for animal lovers.

*And even though this is a pet soap, I have many human freinds who love it as a head to toe bar in the shower. Great as a shampoo bar too.

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My Aussies loved it! Included a picture of Summer after her bath... It made our dog's fur so shiny!