Acne Detox, Tea Tree, facial soap, charcoal and clay


A great, simple soap made with tallow to moisturize, olive oil for its mildness, and coconut oil for its gentle cleansing.

Bentonite clay and activated charcoal make this your face's new best friend.

Tea Tree is a fast healer. This is my most popular facial bar. Great for acne, but benefits any skin type. Try it and see for yourself.

*Paper packaging available on request

Reviews (7)


My favorite soap, great ingredients.

I absolutely love the acne detox bar. I actually use it all over my body! The shampoo bar on the other hand was a hate love relationship. The first 3 times using it I didn’t like it at all but I stuck with it I have done about 6 washes now and my hair feels amazing. Thank you I will be ordering again. I feel like this shampoo bar is huge and might last me all year. I only wash a few times a week.

This is my husband’s favorite facial soap. He has very oily skin and this helped him out tremendously! Throughout the day, he felt his skin less oily each time he used it. His advice to increase the longevity of the product would be to cut it into small pieces (1x1 inches).