Peppermint Shampoo Bar


Imagine the tingle of peppermint essential oils as you lather up your hair!

This Vegan-Friendly shampoo bar is all you'll need to lather up from head to toe.

Will leave your hair fresh and clean, without feeling stripped. Wet your hair, rub the bar beteeen your hands to lather up. And enjoy the fresh feeling of peppermint essential oil as it cleans your hair and scalp. Rinse completly, and you decide if you need conditioner. If you use a leave in conditioner, just so you can untangle your hair, you won't need it anymore.

Get back to basics with this natural shampoo bar.

But don't stop at your head...keep washing. This bar is "head-to-toe" fan-tas-tic.

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Great stuff! Thank you!